Kairos Cultivator Dry Trimming Machine

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Unlike other trimmers on the market that use a dryer like “tumbler” which will break trichomes, damage terpenes, lower overall potency, and literally crumble your flower into pieces, the Cultivator dry trimmer gently pushes the buds down onto a rotating disk.



What is Kairos?

Kairos is a manufacturer of automated machinery for processing cannabis. The flagship product, called the “Cultivator,” is a dry trimming machine that commercial cannabis growers can use to automatically trim their harvest, reducing labor and ongoing overhead by 80%.

Cost Savings

The Kairos Cultivator allows growers to cut harvest costs by approximately 50% or more. Consider the following scenario:

  • The average trimmer can trim about half a pound to a pound per 12-hour shift, earning approximately $200/pound.
  • With the Cultivator, trimmers can trim 3-5 pounds per 12-hour shift, with 80% of the work being done by the machine and 20% by hand.
  • Growers can now pay $50-$100 /pound.
Precision Blades - Dry Trimmer


The Cultivator has a stainless steel upper blade and an ultra-durable, self-lubricating, high-grade polymer lower blade. Using this polymer blade, instead of the industry standard metal on metal, reduces friction and provides a smoother operation with less buildup and an easier cleaning process.

clutch system - dry trimmer


The Cultivator trimmer was built with client needs in mind. It features an industry-first, clutch-protected, high-torque DC motor specifically tuned to optimize trim time while producing a precise yet gentle finish on your buds.

In the unlikely event that the blade stalls or jams due to a large stem or other obstruction, the clutch system engages to protect the motor and blade assembly from damage.

Easy Cleaning - Dry Trimmer


Cleaning a trimming machine can be difficult and time consuming, throwing a wrench into your trim schedule. If it isn’t done properly, gunk and human error can damage the tension mechanics, blades, and ancillary aspects of the trimming process.

The Cultivator removes these issues with a patent-pending mechanism that allows you to clean the machine under two minutes. This innovative design means lowered maintenance and labor costs. No more paying workers for wasted time.

Brush system - Dry Trimmer


Kairos designed a brush system that is gentle enough for light, airy buds and powerful enough to work through tight, dense product. These brushes are easily adjustable and facilitate a smooth tumble for the product. Our proven system provides maximum yield production with minimal loss of terpene.

Trim Collector - Dry Trimmer


During the harvest process, every part of the plant is important. With this in mind, Kairos engineers developed an easy-to-use system for accessing and transporting any residual product. There’s a drawer built into the Kairos machine, which will catch all of the trim coming off of the buds. Use these trimmings for extracts, salves, or a variety of other products.

Digital Timer - Dry Trimmer


The easy-to-read digital timer allows you to keep an eye on the progress without interruption of duties and tasks. Set your trimming cycle and check in periodically with no interruptions. The machine will beep when it’s time for a new cycle.

Internal LED - Dry Trimmer


Our industry-exclusive internal LED system uses only natural spectrum LED for the most honest and clear product viewing. You’ll be able to see exactly how close of a trim your product is receiving while the machine is in operation.

Dual Down Brushes - Dry Trimmer


Dual down brushes turn the bud twice per revolution, allowing the machine to operate at a slower RPM. This protects the trichomes and terpenes while still providing sufficient rotation of the product.

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  1. James

    Bought 2 of these machines: They work quickly and efficiently. I talked to the Kairos team a number of times and they are responsive, and helpful.

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