Kairos Cultivator Dry Trimmer

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Unlike other trimmers on the market that use a dryer like “tumbler” which will break trichomes, damage terpenes, lower overall potency, and literally crumble your flower into pieces, the Cultivator dry trimmer gently pushes the buds down onto a rotating disk.

Trims 8-16 lbs per hour (strain specific)

Recommended moisture level at 8-10%

Limited lifetime warranty

Superior Blade Design

We partnered with some of the leading manufacturing blade companies in the U.S.A. to bring you a brand new blade design, using cutting edge technology. Our high precision bevel cut blades slice through your product gently, never bluntly chopping or mashing your product.

Digital Timer

Easy to read digital timer allows for oversight of progress, without interruption of duties and tasks. Cycles of trimming are truly a hands-free operation.

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Lower trim costs up to 80% in one fell swoop.
Do no harm approach, not beat up buds. Does not damage Terpenes
Lower blade made out of high grade polymer
Easy separation of trim, via provided storage compartment.
Digital timer enables set it and forget it with hands free operation.

customer reviews

1 review for Kairos Cultivator Dry Trimmer

    • James -
    • 5 out of 5

    2017-08-24 13:00:47

    Bought 2 of these machines: They work quickly and efficiently. I talked to the Kairos team a number of times and they are responsive, and helpful.

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