What is the Kairos Cultivator?

The Kairos Cultivator is a dry trim only machine that will process about 8-16 lbs per hour. This machine was developed to help facilitate the hand trimming process to be more efficient for large scale growers.

What are the benefits of dry trimming?

The benefit of dry trimming vs. wet trimming is by giving your buds adequate time to dry before trimming, it allows all of the trichomes and terpenes to fully form, providing more protection throughout the trimming process. This will leave you with noticeably better aroma and more potent product. Another benefit of dry trimming is the trim produced is high quality, and able to be made into premium grade extracts.

What is the ideal product moisture level?

It is critical that all product being ran through the Kairos Trimmer is at a 8-10% moisture level. Anything beyond that may potentially gum up the machine causing it to stick and stall. If the product is too dry (under 5%) you increase the risk of damaging your product.

What kind of lubrication should I use?

In order to keep the machine running smooth, it is important to keep the stainless steel blade properly lubricated. Most commonly you will use hemp seed oil, or a mineral oil. The most important thing is making sure the lubricant is food grade, with mild to no odor, and preferably something that will not go rancid over time.

How much product should I run at a time?

This will vary depending on the strain being processed. A good rule of thumb is to fill up to the top of the center hub (clutch cover), and avoid filling above the brush bar, as the down brushes will not be able to effectively do their job. Additionally, under filling the machine will result in less efficiency, as there’s not a sufficient amount of product to roll over itself, and provide a consistent trim. On average you will be processing about 1.5 – 2 pounds per cycle. Pro tip: The more consistent the bud size and shape being processed, the more consistent the outcome will be.

What is the Demo switch for?

If you remove the trim tray, under the front of the machine, there’s a demo switch that can be turned on and off. This switch allows you to decide whether the machine needs the lid closed to run or not. For safety purposes, some people may not want their workers operating the machine with the lid open, because of potential risk of injury. By turning the demo switch off, you ensure the machine will only operate with the lid closed.

How often do I need to clean the machine?

The wetter and sticker the product you are processing, the more often you will need to clean the machine. It’s good to use your best judgement as the operator, and remember that all material needs to be between 8-10% moisture level to process efficiently and minimize build up. If the blade begins sticking or chattering, finish the cycle, and thoroughly clean and lubricate the machine to get it running smoothly again. Alternatively, you can do a quick clean and lubrication every five pounds or so to extend time between deep cleans.

How does the hour meter work?

On the back of the machine, there’s an hour meter that tracks actual run time. This hour meter only operates while the blade is turning, is cumulative, and does not reset.

What is Kairos Trimmers’ Warranty Policy?

Kairos Trimmers™ provides a limited lifetime warranty on the mechanical working parts of the machine. If you have received a trimmer and are experiencing technical difficulties, please reach out to your representative to discuss warranty claims.

General running steps:

Make sure that the power cord is plugged into the machine and an outlet. Turn on the main power switch above the plug on the back of the machine. Turn on lights in the main chamber and trim tray to get a clear view of internal workings of the machine. Before running any product, ensure the bottom of the stainless steel blade is lubricated, the double sweep bar is in place, and the clutch cover is securely attached. Set the brushes to facilitate the rolling action of the product, and an even dispersion. Slowly pour your product into the top opening until you have the desired amount (approximately 1.5-2 lbs.). Set the timer on the machine by first pressing “set” then use the arrow keys to adjust the amount of time desired, and then press “set” again. Flip your directional switch to forward and the blade will begin to spin. Adjust your brushes as necessary throughout the process and await your freshly trimmed product.