Made For Growers, By Growers

The Kairos Cultivator was born out of necessity.

Several years ago, a local Southern Oregon grower with a standard medical grow (48 plants) realized that in order to process his cannabis in a timely manner and not sacrifice quality, he would need to hire 25 trimmers per site. That’s 25 people to pay, coordinate, motivate, and in some cases, house and feed. Not to mention potential losses due to low quality work.

He knew there had to be a better solution, but there was not a single machine on the market that trimmed product and maintained the trichomes and terpenes to his satisfaction.

So he created one.

The Kairos Cultivator dry trimmer was not designed to fully remove the need for hand trimmers, but to eliminate the problematic need for excessive overhead during harvest.

When automated processing machinery was first introduced, loyal hand trimmers were reluctant to get on board. They saw it as a potential risk for job loss. After using the machines, the trimmers realized that they simply allowed them to do the job better and more efficiently.

Using the Kairos machine, trimmers can accomplish more in a day and growers can eliminate excessive overhead, slashing harvest costs by about half.

“Buck it, hang it, and forget it.”

The Kairos Cultivator allows you to live by this philosophy.

Harvesting cannabis comes with risks – particularly loss of crop due to mold, mildew, or rain damage.

It’s important for the process to be quick without sacrificing quality. One technician can run five Kairos Cultivator dry trim machines at a time. Processing time is drastically reduced, and the integrity of the bud is maintained. You’ll be left with a well-formed bud (no flat spots or damaged trichomes) that has a high smell and favor potency (terpenes). No more hay-like aroma!

When you choose the Kairos Cultivator, you regain control of the process, harvesting when it suits you, rather than when you have to.