Most gentle trimming machine on the market.

Do no harm approach, gentle on buds, preserving trichomes and terpenes.

Kairos dry trimming machines are built with attention to long-term crop care. During the entire trimming cycle a calculated amount of pressure is applied to the buds. Most wet and dry trimming machines sacrifice product quality for speed, wanting to be quick and appear efficient. The Kairos cultivator gently rolls the buds against the blade with customizable pressure from the down brushes to produce a consistent finish and premium trim for extracts.

Superior Blade Design

We partnered with some of the leading manufacturing blade companies in the U.S.A. to bring you a brand new blade design, using cutting edge technology. Our high precision bevel cut blades slice through your product gently, never bluntly chopping or mashing your product. This is one feature that contributes to high levels of terpene protection.

High Grade Polymer Bottom Blade

Kairos Trimmers all use high grade polymer as a lower blade buffer. This innovative patent-pending design facilitates an impeccable operation compared to other metal on metal blade systems on the market; over the assumed lifecycle of the machine, these blades will bend and warp, potentially pushing microscopic foreign elements into your product. Using a polymer on metal blade keeps the machine from sticking as a result of product build-up, allowing for a smoother run and fewer stops for cleaning and maintenance.

Brush System

Our unique brush system, provides an adjustable tension for the buds to roll at the desired speed. No need to worry about the tumble and crumble effect with gentle, pliable bristles to slow down the buds and facilitate a thorough, clean, trim. The brushes can be adjusted to a desired affect, or left to move with the natural roll of the product.

Clean In Under 2 Minutes

Cleaning trim machines can be time consuming (30 minutes on average), and often difficult. If not done properly, gunk and human error can damage the tension mechanics, blades and ancillary aspects of the trimming process . Kairos engineers have developed another patent-pending mechanism in order to cut down cleaning times to under 2 minutes. This innovative design further cuts overhead labor costs through your harvesting season.

Trim Bin

Every part of the plant is important in one way or another during the harvesting process. With this in mind, our engineers developed an easy to use system for accessing and transporting the high quality trim material that can later be made into premium quality extracts.

Digital Timer

Easy to read digital timer allows for oversight of progress, without interruption of duties and tasks. You can set it and forget it so your cycles of trimming are truly a hands-free operation.

Internal Natural Spectrum LED Lighting

Our industry exclusive internal LED system uses only daylight spectrum LED for the most honest and clear product viewing.

Kairos Cultivator Dry Trimmer


Unlike other trimmers on the market that use a dryer like "tumbler" which will break trichomes, damage terpenes, lower overall potency, and literally crumble your flower into pieces, the Cultivator dry trimmer gently pushes the buds down onto a rotating disk.

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